creating me [using words]

Befriending My Fear

I am afraid of many things.

I am scared to enter an auto-parts store (they might expect me to know what I am doing). I am scared to make phone calls. I am scared of grown-up things like insurance companies and retirement packages and sorting the mail and solidifying a budget and talking to men.

I am scared to try new things. I am scared to go to new places. I am scared to meet new people.

I have decided to quit facing my fears. That whole confrontation thing never works for me. Instead, I shall treat my fear like this:

I will it take it by the hand and say, “There, there, hon. There, there. I hear you. I hear you, I promise.”

Somedays we will be emboldened and who knows what we will accomplish together, what with all that fierce energy, and we will feel like heroes.

And other days we will slam the door on every frightening intrusion and curl up on the couch in a blanket with a wild book, and we will feel like heroes.


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creating me [using words]

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creating me [using words]

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