creating me [using words]

Lady Wisdom

Townsmen ordered exile,
She became elusive,
a wanderer traversing earth,
a noble nomad harboring
her vagabond truth:

Now in sly seclusion,
by regal irreverence
She keeps watch
Crops fail:
She laughs
and plucks a wild berry.
She dances in moonlight,
Disappears behind trees
Like a spirit
You cannot catch her
Like the wind
She is free
A rare gift is to sight her,
rarer still to hear her sing
Her music is forever
in the woods and in the wind,
harked by birds and forest creatures
overheard by pure of heart,
by seekers and by drifters,
ears bursting from constraint.

She is subtle
if she shows herself-
You can find her in a painting,
In a poem, in the starlight
In wildflower petals
In lines of holy writ
At times beneath steeples
Inside a mother’s arms
Most of all in silence
Her gentle whisper
Like on the rooftop
She cries loudly,
Beckons boldly
If you’ll listen
If you’ll follow

Wisdom calls.

(Note: This poem made its first appearance in my sermon “Where is Lady Wisdom?” based on Proverbs 1:20-33).


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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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