creating me [using words]


Sometimes it is just too much: this hatred, this ignorance, this tribalism that defines us as people. It can feel as if I am drowning in it with no place to come up for air. I have the severe urge to fix it, then the sinking realization that I cannot succeed. So I sit with my grief and then I walk in the park and take acute notice of the wildflowers.

Belief bubbles up inside me. The beauty of the earth (with its continual death and rebirth) is more everlasting than all the ugly deeds of humanity. I pay homage to the sacred and she mends me.

I think I shall be one who swims, floats, surfs, dives. Though the waves be fearsome and the water heavy, I will make my home in the seas. I will be Peace in the Chaos.


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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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