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Menstruation Musings

Warning to Men: I am about to talk about my period.

Disclaimer: I am not a health-care professional, nor is this blog scientific. However, a little bit of research into women’s bodies + my own experience with my own body = well, you will see . . .

I have become fascinated by my monthly cycle ever since I learned that it isn’t actually supposed to be painful. Yes, you read correctly. Those gut-wrenching cramps aren’t a natural part of the package apparently. Who knew, right?

So what causes the pain, then? It could be our own denial. We are ashamed of “that time of month,” or we try to “man” our way through it, or we are afraid of letting go, or what-have-you and we create such tension within ourselves that it causes literal pain.

As it turns out, you deserve/need a retreat during your period. Not because you are weak, but because you are so damn creative. Hello, you can make a baby inside your body. That’s big, so give yourself some credit. And that’s not all. You are wildly creative. There is so much potential inside that womb of yours, and we are not just talking fetuses. Books, paintings, cakes, gardens, homes, speeches, inventions, poetry, business strategies—who knows what all is inside of you. Your powers are endless.

Think of the time when your uterine lining is building as the time when you are gathering, honing, and sparking creativity. Your dreams are conceiving, gestating, growing, forming.

But then the day comes when you’ve got to shed the unused energy, the ideas that didn’t work, the grief for what will never be. The excess energy, the overload of ideas, the weighty grief of living—all these things are a necessary part of the creative process, but there is a time when you have to get those things out of you or they become toxic. And us women are on a schedule—to our chagrin or to our benefit.

You can cooperate with the release or you can resist it. Go ahead and guess which option will be the most painful in the long run.



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5 thoughts on “Menstruation Musings

  1. I feel like I should pray for my own manly version of a menstrual cycle now. Maybe that’s part of what’s wrong with men. We have no way to shed all our toxicity.

    • That is hilarious!! In all seriousness, there’s a lot of mystical wisdom available for women in connection with their bodies–birthing, pregnancy, mothering, etc. all ripe with metaphors. But I have wondered before, “So what about the men?” There doesn’t seem to be that much available, not that I’ve looked all that hard.

  2. I’ve always had really terrible cramps. I used to have to go home from school when I was a teen. They have gotten better over the years, specifically since I’ve been married. They are no longer unbearable, but still at least a day of VERY uncomfortable. In any case, if it means that maybe I’m extra creative, passionate, or something to that extent, maybe it’s something I can live with after all. Or maybe my realization of those things in recent years has helped. I don’t know, but you’re right in any case. It is mystical if you think about it. (This is all unproofed, stammering, by the way. As usual!)

  3. I love this idea – the imagery! I’ve read several different time management books written by men and am struck over and over by my need to find something more honed for the feminine cycle… Because yes I do need a retreat once a month to just “be” and shed, but the week after my period I’ve got more creative energy than Michael Hyatt seems to know what to do with! :-)

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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