creating me [using words]

Artists Have a Duty, (I’m Told)

I had something completely different to post today, but then I found this in my office today, and it is ten times better than what I planned:

Anna is 12 years old. The rest looked like this:

I found this on a shelf in my office, rolled up like a scroll. Anna often leaves me treasures, and since this one was kind of hidden, I don’t know how long ago she left it. My concluding thoughts for this day’s work: I am at the right place, in the right job.

P.S. If you couldn’t read her text, it said:

I love to draw,
but drawing is more
than just copying
something you can see.
everything you draw
has a story behind it
and artists have a duty
to find it. I’ve always
wanted to draw things
you can’t see the
depth of the story that
is unexplainable. but
first you have to see
it not with your eyes
but with your heart.


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One thought on “Artists Have a Duty, (I’m Told)

  1. This is deep! I love it; thanks for sharing.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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