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Hardly More Than a Tweet

This isn’t a blog post per se, just a query.

I have almost made up my mind to give up Facebook for good. It has become an energy-sucker: bad for the self-esteem and bad for the blood pressure. I just checked and I have 766 Facebook friends–why am I holding onto the illusion of friendship with people who get on my nerves? (No offense to my blog readers who I also know on FB; I don’t mean you of course.)

But lately I am wanting to open a Twitter account. Is that because I have a social-media-shaped-void in my heart, just waiting to be filled in the absence of Facebook? (i.e. Am I that pathetic?) Or, does Twitter actually offer a healthier alternative? I have this idea that it will all be different because I get to choose who I want to follow. That, and people can’t write lengthy comments.

Also, I recently read an article about how introverts rule Twitter, which sounds awesome.



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One thought on “Hardly More Than a Tweet

  1. Consider this a vote for how great Twitter is. It’s more of a conversation to me than Facebook, and the character limit on replies is, as you suggest, quite wonderful.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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