creating me [using words]

Living with Ellipses

My life is full of ellipses. You know, the kind that end a sentence suggestively . . .

Which isn’t a real ending at all, if you think about it . . .

There isn’t always closure where I want closure.

My life leaves me hanging with unknowns.

I don’t get to know how this line of my life will end . . .

And yet . . .

My life keeps writing new sentences anyway . . .

I grasp backwards, wishing for proper punctuation to wrap up an issue neatly, to label a problem solved, to see a disagreement resolved. My own story draws my eyes forward in spite of myself, but sometimes I linger on a ellipsis and wonder what to make of the lack of an ending . . .


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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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