creating me [using words]

Lazarus, You and I

Oh Lazarus, Lazarus
I am you
I wear your clothes.
Around my head and around my nose
the cloths that reek of death and sweat
But Jesus said, “Be free,
Unwrap, undress, and live,”
and so will we
dance upon wobbling knees
and sing with cracked throats
and spin until we float,
you and I, you and I,
Lazarus, you and I
are alive.

Postscript: This poem arose because I am fascinated by Jesus’ seemingly superfluous comment, “Take off the grave clothes.” If Jesus exerts energy to state something obvious, I assume that means something not-so-obvious is actually at stake. 


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One thought on “Lazarus, You and I

  1. Kelsey Rothaus on said:

    I LOVE this post!!!! :)

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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