creating me [using words]

NAWBO Invocation

Tonight I gave the invocation at the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Gala for the NAWBO (Nation Association of Women Business Owners) San Antonio chapter. I prayed the following:

In the 12th century there lived a woman of great courage centuries ahead of her time. Her name was Saint Hildegard. She lovingly referred to God as the Living Light, and so it is in her spirit of bravery, freedom, and innovation that I offer this invocation tonight. Let us pray:

Oh Living Light, bless us this night as we celebrate the stories of our persevering sisters. Grant each of us the strength we need to face the unique challenges of being women at work in the world. Grant us both gumption and gentleness, ingenuity and intensity, courage and compassion, both wit and wisdom. Living Light, grant us the rare resolve required for the blossoming of impossible dreams. May we collaborate with men of integrity to forge a new world based on equality, fair play, and a basic reverence for human dignity.

May we be bold, owning our own giftedness, believing in our own voices, trusting that who we are is enough, that who we are is just what is needed. May we fearlessly unleash our own light, that spark of the divine residing within us. Oh what the world might miss if we stifled our truest selves! Grant us the audacity to be fully alive to our own journeys, to act with authenticity, and to take necessary risks for the sake of a better world. When the road is rough and the atmosphere hostile and the future unclear, may we lead the way with our remarkable creativity, our tenacious hope, and our unthwarted kindness. May we stand together with women throughout the world, shining like beacons, leading each other onward toward ever-increasing brilliance.

In the name of our Creator, in the name of infinite love, in the name of God’s own enlivening spirit, we pray, Amen.


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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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