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Remember a Few Small Things

On coaching myself through ministry. First shared in a workshop at the Baptist Women in Ministry Conference this past February.

In Preparation for the Journey,
I Remember a Few Small Things:

I will not get it right every time. I will get it right sometimes, but then, sometimes no one will appreciate it. I will seldom know in the moment whether I’m getting it right or whether I’m getting it wrong, but I will courageously give it a go anyway.

I will learn who I am, and then I will be myself.

I will notice Grace when Grace shows unexpectedly. I will ferociously notice Grace, as all things hinge on this noticing.

I will not be afraid of grief—at least, not too afraid to face it.

I will sometimes want out of this call. That’s normal, I will remind myself.

I will wrestle, wrestle, wrestle with Scripture until she nearly gives me an ulcer. I will not cover over her unsightly spots, I will not make light of her toughest sayings, I will not avoid the angst she causes me, I will not give up on her capacity to inspire her people.

I will not give up on the power of love. I will not surrender my absurd belief in resurrection, no matter what kills me.

I will unleash my imagination; I will open my spirit; I will unlock my power; I will listen to my inner wisdom.

I will temper my words; I will silence my presumption; I will put a padlock on hate forever.

I will be true to myself, true to my conscience, true as I can figure out how to be. Sometimes I will be confused for a very long time before the fog clears, and I will be exceedingly patient with myself when that happens.

I will forgive myself (70 times 7 if I must).


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3 thoughts on “Remember a Few Small Things

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    Thanks for sharing, Kyndall.



  2. John S. Woods on said:

    Thanks for sharing this, pastor kyndall.

  3. Diana Bridges on said:

    I’m a little late reading this, but it’s a particularly good word for me this Monday morning.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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