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Mother’s Day Prayer

Dear Lord, for the blessing of loving mothers and for loving mentors and friends who have been like mothers to us, we give thanks. For the women who partner with us in raising our children, we give thanks. For the heartache of those who have lost mothers or for those who have not had the mother they needed, we ask for your big compassionate heart to cradle them with warmth.

For women who desire to be mothers and have not had their desire fulfilled, we ask for your mercy. For mothers who have lost children to untimely death, we ask for grace, so much grace. For mothers with children who have been wayward, or ill, or have otherwise presented unique challenges, we pray those mothers might be given an extra dose of patience and a huge helping of self-acceptance. For mothers who have made mistakes, may they know they are forgiven. For women in difficult or impoverished circumstances who cannot meet their own children’s needs, oh God, have mercy and deliver them.

For all the women who use their nurturing instincts to make this world a more compassionate place, for the women who tenaciously carry on despite weariness and fear, for the women who teach us about love, faith, and determination, we give thanks and ask that you bless them, both now and forever. Help us all to be more like them, we pray. In the name of our loving God we pray, amen.


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One thought on “Mother’s Day Prayer

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    Bless you, Kyndall!



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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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