creating me [using words]

Universe Send Me Flowers

Dear Universe,

Love me. Send me hope.
Send me flowers
with a note that lets me know
I’m seen.
Love me for the brave person
I’m becoming, have become.
Still I am needy,
needy, needy, needy.
Does that ruin it for you,
our friendship?
Do you want to run and hide?
I wouldn’t blame you.
But you rush at me
with abundance.
I laugh, you blow my cares
away with the wind-force
of your love.
I am swept into a smile
in spite of all the wreckage
in my soul, the breath of God
breathes life into these
weary bones.
Dance? Yes.



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2 thoughts on “Universe Send Me Flowers

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    :-)) I hope you have a good weekend. Do you have lunch plans Sunday? Perhaps we could meet somewhere?

    Linda Cross 214.728.6457 Sent from my iPhone

  2. Linda, I have a service at a local assisted living center every third Sunday of the month at 1. Maybe another day for lunch?

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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