creating me [using words]

First Breaths

Breathe breath into this mud and clay,
create lungs from the muck,
clear/create a space for air to flow.
Expand, open, release, live
as Adam lived.
It wasn’t something out of nothing,
it was ribs and flesh and arms and organs,
all from tumbled soil.
Eventually would not be good
for this human to remain alone,
but as creation first transpired
it was a sacred, private affair
between soiled slop and breath of God
this coming to awareness,
these first labored breaths,
like being born full-grown.

What is it like, oh human,
to open your eyes at last for the first time?
To feel your toes upon the dirt
from whence you came?
To inhale the same ruah
that stirred you into being?
What is it like, oh human,
to at last be human?


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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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