creating me [using words]

The Inside Demonstration

Why do we turn a cold hose
on our inner protesters?
Those tiny voices of truth
and justice that wildly wave flags?
We are too important to read
the banners of a stomachache,
too rational to adhere to emotions
with their unshaved beards
and long hippy hair that flaps in the wind,
too busy to slow down and listen
to the small guy with the valid complaint,
or, more accurate, too afraid
to discover all is not at peace
inside ourselves.

Bully on past all the signs.
Do not even see them if you can,
that way, you’ll blend right in
with the other bored and butchered lives
of manufactured perfection.

Or, risk the unconventional.
Buy a round table.
Invite the scruffy-faced agitators
who wreck havoc on your body
into the conference room
of your operations.
Then shut your mouth
and listen.


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6 thoughts on “The Inside Demonstration

  1. now give them names, or better yet, ask them their names. then remember them. they’ll be back.

  2. “with the other bored and butchered lives
    of manufactured perfection.”

    Loved this line! I’ve enjoyed your thoughts mostly in poetry form. This one really struck me, because of my struggles with perfectionism I’ve been blogging about some.

    I am learning to shut my mouth and listen to inner demonstrations and outer ones called human beings. Slower to speak and quicker to enjoy the present moment. Thanks for your writing.

    • Oh, I need to go catch up on your blog! Listening is our spiritual work, and it is so much easier to just tune out, isn’t it? Anyway, “Slower to speak and quicker to enjoy the present moment”–I like that.

  3. Kelsey Rothaus on said:

    I love this, Kyndall!

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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