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A Prayer of Scattered Minds

God, I wonder what you are up to while I exist in this frenetic tetherball activity of heart and mind. So often it feels for sure like I have cut the string (bad girl!), but I suspect instead you’ve loosened the slack so I can really fly, and though I soar so far as to be unsure if I can even see you anymore, you are still the pole that anchors me to the ground, and it is on the far edge out here that I will learn what trust is. I am so afraid and so exhilarated, and I pray the breathless prayer of the free-falling skydiver: “Save me!” and “Wow! Look at this view!”

I am terrified, alert, distracted, and open, and these are the beginning birth-pains of faith. What will be born of all this agony? I do not know, and I am scared. What if I deliver a monster? Or, what if it is a gift, caged inside me–have I the right to deprive the world of God by fearfully clutching and keeping it in? I am merely a conduit, and fly I must, lest I hang limp beside the sturdy pole Who works in conjunction with the Wind to make me a life.


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3 thoughts on “A Prayer of Scattered Minds

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  2. I’m reading The Dream of God by Verna J. Dozier. In the last pages she writes:
    “Faith is taking the risk that what I understand today calls for commitment of heart and mind and soul, even though at all times I know that what I understand today may be revealed to be wanting tomorrow.”

    We can’t know. We never know. We just think we do and that’s the ultimate separation. To admit that we do not know is humility. To be in the moment, skydiving, is active faith.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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