creating me [using words]

To Be and to Read

Let me be!
Let me be
in your gaze
as I am.
Let me be
in your arms
with my full-bodied feeling.

Must we always be correcting one another?
Do we really need these walls
bricked with subtle chiding?
Why are we so reserved
in our approval of one another?

What if I told you:
I wasn’t asking for your critique.
I was asking for your support.
I wasn’t asking for your input
or your advice or your opinion.
I just want to know
if you hear what I am saying to you.

When I write,
I am asking you to read it.

When I open my mouth,
I am asking you to listen.

When I tell my story,
I am hoping for your reverence.
That you will tread lightly.
That when I begin,
you will take off your shoes.

I worry this is selfish,
to want your real attentiveness,
but the deeper the well
from which I share,
the stronger the desire
for someone to share the drink
and savor it.

Also–I hope this counteracts
whatever selfishness is there–
I try to practice listening in return,
to hear what you are saying to me,
or what it is you are not saying,
but want to. I try to encourage
you to speak from the true place
inside your heart. I invite
you to let me see inside,
but I won’t rush you
if you’re not ready.

I sometimes suck at it
and fill my mind with assumptions
about you rather than
letting you tell me yourself
who you are.
I am sorry.
Sorry for guessing
instead of asking.
Sorry for failing to really look
where you were pointing.
Failing to hear the thing
you needed heard.

This is what we can do
for one another: re-read.
Eventually to hear
the underlying vibration
that floats between our words.


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2 thoughts on “To Be and to Read

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    I like this.



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creating me [using words]

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creating me [using words]

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