creating me [using words]


I am a dawdler . . .
irreparably a dawdler.

Sometimes lingering . . .
results in just the spark
I needed.

Sometimes hours pass . . .
me by and I am late
to my schedule.

I am not getting enough done!
. . . Ever!

Every damn day I am late
to my plan,
My master plan for
a successful day
always falling by the wayside . . .

But. I am occasionally
wildly successful . . .
in my deviance
surprisingly genius . . .
in my idleness

And so, I am torn
between whipping this
flabby lazy lingering . . .
into shape
and letting her rolls
hang out so inspiration
has some love handles
it can grab as it
kisses me between the brows
where thoughts dangle . . .
waiting to dance


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2 thoughts on “Dawdling

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    Big :-))!! I live this…but then I dawdle!! Perhaps all writers do.

    Linda Cross 214.728.6457 Sent from my iPhone

  2. brittany on said:

    I SO identify with this right now! Somehow, doing things i don’t feel qualified/prepared for/able to do makes me dawdle so much more than ever, haha. Yay for masters degrees. maybe.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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