creating me [using words]


All around they tell me,
“You’ve no need
to feel lonely. Look
at all your friends
and people who love you.”

They are right, of course,
about the friends
and dead wrong
about the loneliness.

Unless you’re there
to tuck me in at night
and bring me soup
when I am sick
and hold my hand
just because,
unless you hear
details of daily minutia
and understand me
through and through
to my every crevice
well, then, I am lonely
the way you are too
sometimes, in the dark
in an empty bed
or a crowded room
joined by the
familiar ache of aloneness
or being misunderstood
or unseen or unknown.
The world, plum full
of emptiness
and unmet longing.
We reach for each other
and miss.

It is inevitable,
the loneliness of living
So I sit with her
and keep her company.

You can spend a life
running away
from the lonely hour
but she will chase
you in the night
and find you.

I am learning
to sit in her lap
let her stroke my hair
with longing fingers,
she hurts and soothes
and I learn things
from her silence.
Eventually she releases me
and I am calmer than
I was before.


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2 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Kelsey Rothaus on said:

    Wow….. This is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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