creating me [using words]

Purple Rage

Tonight my rage
is purple
like a bruise
and my sorrow clear
like a salted tear
my loneliness gray
like a lurking shadow
my longing red
like a throbbing heart
my heartache black
like a bottomless hole
and my desire
is pale yellow
like a fading dream
but also tinted blue
like the hot center of a flame
and I am ripped in two
with color
my pain a prism
that splinters me
and I splash
my refractions
onto no one
for there is no eye
to behold the shimmering
ache that tears
asunder my light
in the blackness
of this lonesome night


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2 thoughts on “Purple Rage

  1. you have written clearly that a prism of glorious color is not always a happy place to be

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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