creating me [using words]

The Damsel Whine

(*Note: This is meant to be heard comically in its hyperbolic complaint, not to be read as a cause for alarm.)

My neediness is a monster
who occasionally rears
her ugly head,
bares her angry teeth
and ravages me.
She roars until
I am deaf so that
I no longer trust anyone.
I need you to be perfect.
No one is doing enough!
I need you to rescue me.
Help! Help! Help!
Can’t you see that I need you?
I become desperate and clingy,
grasping and terribly grumpy
without you here.
Save me! Save me! Save me!
I don’t want to save myself
any longer.
Why don’t you notice me??
I am angry at the world
for clearly all have abandoned me
and I will be stuck
forever, damsel-in-distress.
Obviously in distress
if anyone were looking my way!
I am screaming from the tower
window and damn you all–you
do not dwell on my beauty
and rush to slay the dragon?!
If only I would meet a tragic
fate so all would mourn
my loss and miss me at last
and I would escape
this prison
and stop hurting.
If only you would race up
here and find me, I would turn
suddenly sweet and perfectly charming
and the world would live
happily ever after,
but hurry up you stupid
slow-poke, get with
the program and find me!

Eventually neediness calms
down to normal needs
that I can name
and ask for appropriate help.
But every now and again,
I face the Dark Dragon
who puts a silver-plated
tiara atop my Whine
and for an hour or two
I am a nasty Rapunzel
who willfully chops off her hair
and hides her own sword
to prove to herself
no one cares
and there is nothing
I can do to fight back.

Thoughts: Why do we create the melodramatic for ourselves? To feel alive? To avoid the hard work of actual healing? Because we have so much damn feeling that we’ve got to create a miniature explosion every so often to relieve some pressure? Because the appropriate avenues of attention don’t always deliver fast enough? Because we’ve forgotten to look beyond ourselves? And does this happen differently in women than it does in men? What are your thoughts? 


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creating me [using words]

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creating me [using words]

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