creating me [using words]

Lake Water

The water looks speckled
in the morning light
from where I sit
and thank God that
car finally turned off
its engine and the noisy
men fishing stopped
talking too and we’re all
sharing communion
now enveloped in the
stillness that is God
and the bird-sounds
echo back to God
then occasional interruption
of human voice or laugh
forming a messy trinity
of noises
We are all somewhat reverent
by a lake, soaking in
God, whether we have a
name for him or not
whether she has yet to
show herself in a way
we can grasp
Mostly God avoids all
our grasping
which leaves us bewildered
and frustrated or apathetic
but occasionally bowled over
by the intuitive sense
that we are small specks
on the surface of a
magnificent water


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One thought on “Lake Water

  1. Linda Cross on said:

    Really nice!!

    Linda Cross 214.728.6457 Sent from my iPhone

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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