creating me [using words]

An Inner Dialogue

I am afraid.

Don’t be.

Ha! As if it were that easy . . . 

Don’t. Be.

But, but . . .

Don’t. Be. Afraid.

What if I had a choice?
What if I could walk away from fear?
The angels are always saying, “Fear not. Don’t be afraid,”
as if it were possible.
Do angels know something I do not? 

Do. Not. Be. Afraid. Feel afraid,
perhaps, but do not BE afraid.

What’s the difference?

This is about WHO YOU ARE
in your core,
and your CORE is LOVE
and LOVE casts out fear.

Right. Perfect love casts out fear. 
I’ve hardly got it perfect.

Perfect love is gift
and it is being given to you
from on high every day.


You feel afraid.

Yes. So many yeses.

Fine. Do. not. be. afraid.

Are you an angel?
(or my courage?)

What’s the difference?


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6 thoughts on “An Inner Dialogue

  1. I hear echoes of Brene Brown!

  2. Linda Cross on said:




  3. Paulette Harrison on said:

    This is so very powerful. Thank you.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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