creating me [using words]

Little Squirrel in the Tree

Little squirrel in the tree
I can see its anger swell
chastening my chasing dog
expressing itself remarkably well

on and on and on,
lets its fury fly
from the safety
of its branches high

mouth full of acorn
and vile disdain
it spits out its rage
while holding on to its gain

on and on and on
until it’s had its say
and then moves to another tree,
another spot to play

Now a jaded-squirrel–
finds a dog-free yard, perhaps
My panting dog watches
lazily from the grass

without reply
game over in her eye
that squirrel-holding branch
far too high

But that didn’t stop
the violated squirrel from shouting
squeaky obscenities, waving
its bushy tail, pouting,

“How dare you! How dare you!”
I envy its uninhibited ability
to speak its mind and even more
its unhindered capacity

to scamper right along
when once it sees
it is through, leave the fight
behind in pursuit of trees

Oh to speak your speech
then let it be!
What glorious simplicity–
if only that were me!


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creating me [using words]

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creating me [using words]

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