creating me [using words]

You Are Not A Statistic To Me

When I hear the doomsayers
bemoaning the demise of culture,
rattling off statistics that
scare them–this percentage
of unwed mothers, this percentage
of divorced marriages, this percentage
of single parent homes, this percentage
of folks who have left church, this percentage
of openly gay, I want to say,
to shout, to scream:
“You are not a number to me
and I LOVE YOU!”
Come. I will take you into my bosom,
my lap, my embrace. I will be mother
to you, sister, aunt, lover–whatever
you need to know that you are beloved,
That you are more than a statistic to me.
That you are not what is wrong
with this culture
You are what makes the world shimmer
and I see you.
I see your heart, I see your soul
and your untold story,
I know you are one who has endured
and that the journey has been hard
and that you are lonely sometimes
and oh how I love you
though we may never have met.
Somehow when they call out
those cold statistics
like the world is going to end
I can see your warm face shining
and I whisper with you,
“This is our beginning!”


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2 thoughts on “You Are Not A Statistic To Me

  1. Kyndall… have you ever thought of performing your poems and/or writing spoken word for the “ear” as well as the eye… I can hear this piece as well as see it, and it seems like as a preacher it’s kind of already a natural “in” for you… If I’m not explaining myself, er, we can talk more about it in person. :)

    • Well, yes. I love getting to read my poetry out loud. I’ve been going to an open mic poetry reading most weeks, actually. However, I am really struggling to read them with any power or passion–I’m too embarrassed. Way harder than preaching for some reason . . . trying to figure that out.

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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