creating me [using words]

She Is On Her Way!!

She will be named thus: Preacher Breath. She will be: a collection of essays on preaching interspersed with sermons. She will be: beautiful, inspiring, and full of passion. She will be: thoroughly me. She will be: dying to meet you. She is: approximately two-thirds written.

The Midwife: Smyth and Helwys Publishing


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16 thoughts on “She Is On Her Way!!

  1. Yes!!! It is happening. So excited and look forward to buying it.

  2. Love the baby analogy here.

  3. WOW!! Cannot wait to read this!

  4. Linda Cross on said:

    Hooray for your team!!!

    Linda Cross 214.728.6457 Sent from my iPhone

  5. Congrats! We should have a shower! :)

  6. All of us at Smyth & Helwys are ready to scrub in whenever you are, Kyndall ;)

  7. When your due date has come, you deliver! May you know ease and comfort in your labor.

  8. I am SO proud of you! You are inspiring and awesome!

  9. rgdecker on said:

    So you are birthing a book-baby that will be beautiful, inspiring, full of passion and thoroughly YOU! I can’t think of a better promise for her future and for us, your readers and followers. Thank you for sharing the announcement! The waiting and anticipation have begun!

  10. Sounds interesting! Hope you know we love you!

  11. Sounds very interesting. Hope you know we love you!

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]

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