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Splashing Over Porcelain

astounded by what comes
as gift to me
how novel
that I could merely receive

will it ever happen
where I no longer give
10x what I take?

did I enable greed
this way, my lavish
love poured like wine
in your alcoholic glass

I bathe alone
in warm abundant bubbles
torn skin
with fragrance

when I give again
may it be

Heal Our Fears

Heal our fears,
the jagged-scar fears
that slice the skin
of our communion,
rip us one from another,
bleed lines of division.

Heal our fears.
Stitch the wound
of misunderstanding,
nurse blistered empathy
back to vibrant health,
dress the sores
oozing putrid hate.

Heal our fears.
Take away
the cancer of slander,
the ulcer of bigotry,
and the arthritis
of love gone stiff
in the joints.

Heal all the places
in our bodies
where we hold mercy
captive, clenched
fists and knotted muscles,
hunched-over shoulders
making heartless hermits
of our souls, refusing
the medicine of
companionship and the
balm of holding hands
and the ministry
of kissing strangers.

Heal our fears!
Make us brave
with the courage
to drop our shields
and expose
our hearts at last,
brave enough to trust
not all will draw arrows;
some will marvel
before our armor-bare bodies
shimmering like mirrored
glass, they will see
in us their own hearts
staring back
from the depth
of our disclosure.

Heal our fears.
May we know
without doubt
we are stitched together,
you and I.
We are meant to be
healed, meant to
dance wildly
upon recovering knees,
breathe deep
from resurrected lungs,
laugh merrily
with repaired lips,
listen long
from unstopped ears,
gaze gratefully
with unblinded eyes.
Oh physician
of compassion
heal our fears!

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creating me [using words]


creating me [using words]